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Drunk guy takes semi for joyride through cemetery

Police in Missouri, have arrested a Kirksville man who allegedly went on a drunken rampage trough a cemetery in a stolen semi. Not only did he rack up and impressive list of charges in a relatively short time, but he got himself saddled with a $25,000 cash-only bail requirement.

Town plagued by gross graffiti

It’s not gang related, it’s not lewd, but people are calling it gross and immature, and police aren’t laughing — even though it’s funny.

Greatest acts of vandalism of all time

From art to trash bins and everything in between; nothing is safe from vandals.

Australian authorities launch search for massive mango

Last week the three-quarter-ton, gold-flecked Bendigo Rock at the National Rock Garden in Canberra, Australia, was stolen. This week, the gigantic Big Mango in Bowen, some 1,300 miles away, has also been stolen. Whether this is mere coincidence or part of a larger, more sinister trend is not immediately apparent.

Cleaning woman mistakes art exhibit for trash, throws it out

Organizers for an art show that opened today in Bari, Italy, are mourning the destruction of two pieces of art after a well-intentioned cleaning woman threw them out thinking they were trash left over by those who set up the show. One of the exhibits consisted of cookie crumbs scattered on the floor.

Police in Australia search for massive missing rock

It seems that thieves will steal anything — even a big, heavy display rock that is nailed down. Police in Australia are on the lookout for a stolen rock, flecked with gold that was part of a display in the National Rock Garden in Canberra. The rock would have taken a crane to lift, a truck to move, and is only worth about $200.

Three guys in trouble after toppling rock formation at Utah’s Goblin Valley

Charges may be coming for three men who videotaped themselves destroying a natural rock formation in a Utah state park.

Teen Girl in Trouble After Making Sexually Offensive Change to Yearbook

It was a dumb prank and even its victim isn’t terribly upset. But authorities say 17-year-old Kaitlyn Booth committed property damage, which means she could soon face some hefty criminal charges.

Angry Power Washer Goes to Prison for Fecal Vengeance, Chemical Attack

The scorned owner of a power washing service exacted some nasty revenge on a pair of customers who underpaid him, leaving feces, motor oil, a dead coyote, and much, much more all over their front yard. A year later, he did it again.

Michigan Artist Sentenced for Spray Painting State Capitol

In September, a Michigan State Trooper spotted some graffiti on the State Capitol in Lansing. On the war memorial were the spray-painted words “give art a chance” and the columns at the entrance to the Capitol building bore two crudely-drawn stick figures, one male and one female.

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