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Vampire hater charged with illegal possession of crossbow

Whether or not all crossbows are illegal in Sweden, or just the ones pointed at police is unclear, but one Swed is charged with illegal crossbow possession after officers, sent to escort him to trial on charges of illegal knife possession, opened his door to find themselves staring down an armed crossbow.

13 people who may be zombies, werewolves and vampires

Some recent, and not-so-recent cases that seem to support the notion that myths — even the weird and disturbing ones — often find their origins in reality.

Today in Crime History: Serial Killer Richard Trenton Chase Commits Suicide

On December 26, 1980, a jail guard found serial killer Richard Trenton Chase dead in his cell. After a childhood of killing cats, the schizophrenic Chase grew up to become “The Vampire of Sacramento,” killing six people in California’s capital.

The vampire killers

An examination of the minds and acts of murderers inspired by a lust for drinking human blood.

Slideshow: I am a vampire

Humans have always been fascinated with vampires, but some take their fascination to the forbidden level. Crime Library catalogs 13 vampiric assaults and murders from the past decade.

Today in Crime History: Man Discovers He’s Dating a Vampire

On Valentine’s Day 2007, Robert McDaniel got the kinky sex he had been promised by his new girlfriend, Tiffany Sutton. She started by tying him up, but to his shock began cutting him repeatedly and drinking his blood. McDaniel survived the encounter, which was most definitely not the Valentine’s Day surprise he had envisioned.

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