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13 people who may be zombies, werewolves and vampires

Some recent, and not-so-recent cases that seem to support the notion that myths — even the weird and disturbing ones — often find their origins in reality.

The vampire killers

An examination of the minds and acts of murderers inspired by a lust for drinking human blood.

Today in Crime History: A Vampire Killer Strikes in Pennsylvania

Lisa Manderach was three weeks short of her thirtieth birthday when she went to the Your Kidz & Mine, children’s clothing store in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, on September 10, 1995. She took her nineteen-month-old daughter, Devon. That was the last time anyone saw either of them alive. A look at this and other stories of blood lust.

Today in Crime History: Remains of ‘Queen of the Damned’ Murder Victim Found

When Thomas McKendrick showed his best friend Allan Menzies the vampire movie Queen of the Damned, he had no way of knowing what he had triggered. Menzies became obsessed with the movie and began believing that the vampire queen Akasha wanted him to kill people in exchange for immortality. On January 18, 2003, after a month long search, police found McKendrick’s remains in a shallow grave.

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