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Slideshow: The abduction of Elizabeth Smart

Snatched on June 5, 2002, at age 15, by a man who said God told him to make her his second wife, Smart was threatened, bound and raped daily for the nine months that she was missing. Her story is remarkable not only because she was found alive after so long, but because she ultimately would testifiy against her captors.

Gary Gilmore, the killer who demanded to die

An excellent example of an intelligent and talented man driven into criminal behavior by horrible parents. When he was sentenced to death for murder, the Supreme Court had already halted executions in the US. His insistence on being executed opened the door for the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Lawyer shocked witness with electric novelty pen

It was a courtroom stunt that could have gone well, proving the plaintiffs’ point, or it could have gone badly, angering the judge, misleading the jury, and leading to a mistrial, which is pretty much how it went down.

Decidedly scary-looking couple busted for drunken public sex act on church lawn

A wedding guest at Salt Lake City’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church litterally “ran out into the road to stop” a passing police cruiser around 6 p.m. Saturday to report a couple having sex on the lawn of the church. It was neither the newlyweds, nor any of the guests; just a strange couple — and yes, kids saw it too.

Men arrested for dragging leashed boy 3, and getting stoned

On Tuesday, horrified pedestrians and motorists watch as two men dragged a toddler on a makeshift leash and harness, across a busy highway and tied him to a tree. Having arrived at their destination, the two men sat down, lit a pipe and started to smoke.

Legal spotlight — polygamy

A look at polygamists who garnered nationwide attention for their controversial beliefs.

Watch: Reporter faints during slopeside interview

Everyone gets run down during the holidays. Here reporter Brooke Graham faints during a recent interview — quite abruptly — microphone in hand. A moment later, she comes to, puts her microphone to her mouth, sits up and finishes the interview, proving once and for all her consummate professionalism.

Three guys in trouble after toppling rock formation at Utah’s Goblin Valley

Charges may be coming for three men who videotaped themselves destroying a natural rock formation in a Utah state park.

Slideshow: Lori Hacking, Missing in Utah

Lori Hacking was reported missing on July 19, 2004. According to her husband, Mark, she woke up early to go jogging. Mark said he was expecting Lori, who was five weeks pregnant, to wake him upon her return. But Lori never came back and never showed up for work.

Today in Crime History: Mark Hacking Confesses to Killing His Wife

On July 24, 2004, Mark Hacking told his brothers that he murdered his pregnant wife Lori because she caught him in a lie. He had told her so many lies that admitting to one would have unraveled his tapestry of deceit. In the end it was easier to kill her than to face her.

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