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Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Dalton Mesarchik

On March 27, 2003, fishermen found the body of 7-year-old Dalton Mesarchik in the Vermillion River, two and a half miles south of his hometown, Streator, Ill. He’d been bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Dalton vanished the evening before, while waiting for a church van in front of his house. Nine years later, Dalton’s murder remains unsolved.

Crimestoppers Video Details Unsolved Murder of Mollie Olgin

The Portland, Tex., police are seeking the public’s help in solving the murder of Mollie Olgin and the attempted murder of her girlfriend, Mary Kristene Chapa. Olgin and Chapa were both shot in the head while at Violet Andrews park in Portland. A new video released by Tri-County Crime Stoppers contains previously unreleased information about the crime.

Gareth Williams: The Dead Spy in The Sports Bag

Was MI6 spy Gareth Williams the target of a professional hit, or an introverted computer geek seeking fetishist gratification inside a gym bag dying by misadventure? His family believes that there is still much to be revealed in this perplexing case.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Esmeralda Herrera

In early March, 2011, 30-year-old Esmeralda Herrera was found dead in her San Antonio home. Her second story apartment was on fire, and fire investigators called the blaze suspicious. Authorities told relatives, who called the deceased woman Emmy, that she’d been tied up. An affidavit stated that Herrera was dead before the fire started; ligature marks were found on her neck and wrists.

Confessed Etan Patz Killer Has First Day in Court

Etan Patz disappeared in 1979 and has never been seen since. Almost to the day 33 years later NYPD arrested Pedro Hernandez in connection to the kidnapping. Hernandez had never been seen publicly since the arrest. Until yesterday.

Tex Watson’s Tapes May Hold Key to Unsolved Manson Family Murders

The Los Angeles police department is investigating the possibility that the Manson Family may have been involved in more murders than they were tried for.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Mary F. Kelly

On April 21, 1988, 28-year-old Mary Kelly left her home in Bel Air, Maryland, to meet a friend for drinks and never returned. Months later, a construction crew found her body in a wooded area. Her killer has never been found.

Police Release New Information, Seek Public’s Help in Hannah Truelove Murder

Investigators working on the case of Hannah Truelove, a 16-year-old Gainesville, Ga., high school student murdered last month, are seeking the public’s help in tracking down her killer. Hall County Sheriff’s Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks said investigators are looking for a light silver late 1990’s to early 2000’s four-door passenger car with “substantial front end damage.”

Police Reveal Sex Toy Evidence in Unsolved 1988 Child Murder During Filming of America’s Most Wanted

John Walsh, host of the crime-solving series America’s Most Wanted visited Fort Wayne, Ind., yesterday along with a slew of cameras to film a second episode focused on the unsolved 1988 murder of 8-year-old April Marie Tinsley. The police department revealed a previously sealed piece of evidence: a large penis-shaped hand-crank sex toy that was found in a box inside a sears bag about 20 feet from Tinsley’s body.

Body Parts Found in Detroit Sewer; Police Hope Tattoo Will Help ID Victim

Contractors working in the Sterling Heights area of Detroit, Mich., found a dozen body parts in a sewer about 50 feet below street level. “This morning, they go down to begin their work and they get down to a large grate at the 50-foot level and they see the body laying down there,” said Sterling Heights Police Department Lt. Luke Riley. “There were maybe a dozen softball-sized pieces of a body,” Riley continued, “No arms or leg or torso — nothing like that. Definitely a Caucasian. We’re not sure if it’s male or female.”

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