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Watch: Special effects turn ugly riot into cool light-saber battle

How do you snazzy-up a run-of-the-mill urban riot, while also making it more appropriate viewing for children? Why, you take away the participants’ conventional weapons and replace them with Star Wars light sabers…obviously. Thanks to one anonymous, but talented, video editor with a vision, this video was made and posted to the Internet earlier this year.

Serial Killer Anatoly Onoprienko Dies in Prison

Russian’s most prolific serial killer, responsible for the deaths of at least 52 people during a six-year rampage, died in a Zhitomir prison of natural causes at age 54. Read the whole story of the half-mad Onoprienko, who roamed Ukriane killing groups of people at a time believing that God told him to.

Serial Killer Spotlight: The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Ukrainian serial killers Igor Suprunyuck and Viktor Sayenko, now 21, first became friends at the age of 14 at school in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, along with a third boy, Alexander Hanzha. The trio soon found that they had one specific thing in common: A desire to overcome their fears.

Jilted Texan Pleads Guilty in Plot to Abduct his Would-be Ukrainian Bride

When David Sartin found out that the love of his life was scamming him, he at first considered suicide. Then, realizing that suicide could backfire, he settled on the next best thing: revenge in the form of a slow and painful murder.

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