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Online murder mystery doubles as a forensics course

From our friends at The Daily Dot: A wife, brutally murdered on the day of her wedding anniversary. A distraught husband. A missing gun. Want to solve a murder?

Today in history: The Yorkshire Ripper’s reign of terror comes to an end

It was Friday, January 2, 1981 that Peter Sutcliffe’s — known as the Yorkshire Ripper — five-year reign of terror came to an end. He started in July 1975 and by the end he had killed thirteen women and left seven others for dead.

Britain’s Ministry of Justice legalizes being an ‘incorrigible rogue’

Yes, “incorrigible rogues” all over the UK can relax. That particular behavior is no longer considered criminal, but don’t worry there are many more crimes to steer clear of that are being added to the books regularly.

UK man calls 999 with toilet roll holder stuck up his butt

Most of the time when people call the emergency help line they really want as much help as they can get. Sometimes though, the situation is delicate, as in the case of a Welsh man, who recently found that discretion pretty much goes out the window once the fire brigade shows up.

Repeat Liar Jailed for Fabricating Rape Claims

Elizabeth Jones, 22, made her first false rape claim in 2004, at age 13. Between that time and this week, when she was sentenced to 16 months in jail, Jones accused ten more men of raping her. According to the Telegraph, Jones accused her latest victim because she “did not like” him.

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