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Bethany Deaton Killed Herself, Says Accused Bible Cult Killer’s Attorney

Micah Moore, a member of a cult-like prayer group, was arraigned last week for murder of Bethany Deaton, the wife of the group’s spiritual leader, Tyler Deaton. Moore had allegedly confessed to killing Bethany in order to keep her from revealing the sexual abuse she was subjected to by members of the group. An attorney for Moore says Bethany committed suicide.

Prayer Group’s Sex Rituals Surface After Murder of Bethany Deaton

Bethany Deaton’s future seemed bright. The 27-year-old had finished nursing school and planned to become a missionary with her charismatic husband Tyler, who led an extremely devout prayer group. The tightly knit group’s devotion to Tyler Deaton and his fellowship was so great that several members lived in the same house with the couple. But more was going on inside the house than prayer meetings. Beneath the veneer of religious fellowship lurked darker secrets Deaton and his followers harbored.

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