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L.A. sheriff: ‘Please don’t call us’ when Facebook goes down

When the power goes out, you call the power company, but who do you call when Facebook goes out? Not the police, it turns out.

PG County police tweet BOLO for bunny

Most of the twitter comments are what you’d expect, “Anyone check with Elmer Fud?” “Just follow the wabbit twax” and “That’s all folks,” but one mentions the local Bunny Man urban legend. Given the recent Slender Man stabbing, finding this “wascawy wabbit” might not be such a waste of time.

Police tweet heartwarming Valentine’s day threat

A poetic tweet from police in Edinburgh, Scotland, just in time for Valentine’s day, serves at once to entertain and warn anyone thinking of committing a crime. Rose are red, Violets are blue, If you commit a crime on Valentine’s day …

Photo: Banned toileting behaviour at Sochi Oylmpics

Let’s face it, when trying to get large numbers of people from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds to follow one set of rules, you simply cannot have enough signage. Toilet signage tweeted by snowboarder Sebastian Toutant from the Sochi Olympics would seem to prove this point, but what does it say?

Why do people tweet from mass shootings?’s Jeffrey Hartinger ponders why the urge to tweet from the scene of a tragedy overwhelms some people.

VIDEO: Teen Microwaves Kitten

Two Maine teens sparked Internet outrage when they filmed themselves microwaving a kitten and posted the video online.

UK: Twitter Rape Threats Lead to Arrest, Investigation

Journalist Caroline Criado-Perez and British Government official Stella Creasy were harassed on Twitter yesterday after spearheading a campaign to place author Jane Austen be placed on the £10 note.

Fake Twitter Account Seeks to Capitalize on Boston Tragedy

Following yesterday’s horrific events, the city of Boston has seen an outpouring of good will from around the country. But as always, there is someone ready to take advantage of people’s good intentions in a tragic situation.

Winnipeg Murder Suspect Kept Tweeting Until his Arrest

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A murder suspect showed a brazen attitude as he continued to tweet about drug use and taunt law enforcement in the months between his alleged crime and his arrest.

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