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Man on Turkish dating show who killed first wife, last lover, thrown off show

The show is Flash TV’s Ne Çıkarsa Bahtına (Luck of the Draw) and it is hoped that whoever the special lady is that picks eligible bachelor Sefer Calinak, 62, she has better luck than the other two.

Charles Sobhraj: Crime Does Pay

Con man, jewel thief, drug dealer and serial murderer Sobraj did it all for a life of adventure and intrigue — and ultimately became a media celebrity.

Six women brawl in Wisconsin supermarket just in time for the holidays

It seems that police got a call about a melee, from an innocent bystander reporting that six women were engaging in a food fight and fisticuffs in a local Madison, Wisconsin, supermarket. The caller was nearly hit in the head with a container of yogurt. The women also reportedly used pepper spray, bacon and launched a frozen turkey during the fray.

VIDEO: Teen Gives Birth on Street?

Earlier this month we brought you a feature called Where People are Leaving their Dead Infants 2013. This week we bring you a disturbing video that shows a Turkish teen being helped down the street by her parents, giving birth on the sidewalk and pausing only a moment to look before leaving her newborn. Or did she just dump it? You decide.

Turkey: Israeli Bird Cleared of Spying Allegations and Released

Authorities in Turkey have officially cleared a bird that they had detained amidst allegations that the little guy was spying for Israel. Strangely, this is not the first time they have examined a bird that they suspected of spying for the Israelis. As far as is known, no bats or large flying insects have yet been detained as spies.

The Tragic Murder of an American Mom in Turkey

Turkish police have a suspect in the bludgeoning murder of American tourist Sarai Sierra, but questions surrounding her untimely and tragic death are far from answered.

Turkish Woman Awaits Trial in Honor Killing

Turkish woman Nevin Yildirim, 26, is waiting for trial for murdering and beheading a man she says sexually assaulted her many times over the course of months, impregnated her, and threatened to publicly shame her.

Turkish Authorities Analyze Body of What They Believe to Be an Israeli Spy Bird with Nostril Cam

Authorities in Turkey are examining the remains of a bird, specifically a European Bee-Eater, or Merops Apiaster, that was found dead by a farmer in Gaziantep, Turkey, and was reported. The tiny remains were turned over to authorities after the farmer indicted the band on the bird’s leg that was etched with a serial number and the word “Israel.”

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