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Here are the creepiest Airbnb photos you’ll see

A new tumblr blog called “You’re Gonna Die Here” makes the creepiest listings on Airbnb seem just hilarious

Blog Juxtaposes Mugshots With Profile Pics

If you were thrown before the police camera right now, what face would you make? Would you smile? Would you cry? Whatever you end up doing, odds are it won’t be a profile-worthy photo. A Tumblr called In Duplo, meaning “in double, or in duplicate” in Latin, is a collection of booking photos placed next to the arrestees’ profile pictures.

Meet the Holmies, Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes’s Creepy Online Fanclub

Like the many serial killers and mass murderers who have been fetishized before him, James Holmes, the 24-year-old suspect in last month’s horrific shooting in an Aurora, Co., movie theater, now has his own slew of adoring fans. They call themselves Holmies, and gather on Tumblr to obsess over all things Holmes.

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