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Ann Rule: Revealing the strangers beside us

An interviews with this maven of the true-crime genre about her beginnings as a writer, her personal life and some of her most fascinating cases.

Vlado Taneski: A true crime writer who became a serial murderer

In a twist that’s stranger than fiction, respected Macedonian crime reporter Vlado Taneski was writing widely-read articles about a series of rapes and murders that he was committing himself.

Book review: The Yoga Store Murder, the shocking true account of the lululemon athletica killing

The murder immediately struck a nerve with residents of the tony Maryland suburb in which it occurred, not just because of the sheer brutality of the crime, but because it happened in a safe neighborhood at a time when the streets were full of people, and looked like the work of a mad man.

Interview with Anji Marth, painter of serial killers and crime scenes

Artist Anji Marth, who has painted a series of striking serial killer portraits, spoke to Crime Library about her work, her favorite true crime stories and why she’s fascinated by the dangerous and depraved.

Reversal of Fortune: The Claus and Sunny von Bulow story

On December 21, 1980, Sunny von Bulow slipped into an irriversible coma. Her husband, Danish gentleman Claus von Bulow was accused of trying to kill her with an insulin injection. She was in the coma for 28 years, and has remained at the center center of one of the most controversial cases of the 20th century.

Today in Crime History: Dominick Dunne is Born

Dominick Dunne, born October 29, 1925, was a society and crime writer and investigative journalist. When his daughter Dominique was killed by a jealous boyfriend, Dunne became deeply involved in reporting on topics of crime and justice. A photographic overview of Dunne’s life and the notorious crimes he’s covered.

The Saga of Mother & Son Crime Team Sante and Kenneth Kimes

Mother Sante and son Kenny were con artists, murderers — and lovers. Adrian Havill, author of the definitive book on the case, writes up the highlights of their audacious criminal career.

Today in Crime History: Journalist and True Crime Writer Dominick Dunne Dies

Dominick Dunne, born October 29, 1925, was a society columnist and a crime and investigative journalist. When his daughter Dominique was murdered, Dunne focused his attentions on crime and justice until his death on August 26, 2009. A photographic overview of Dunne’s life and the notorious crimes he covered.

Who is Chelsea Hoffman and Why is Everyone Mad at Her?

If you read crime, you’ve probably read Chelsea Hoffman’s work. She’s a crime writer who’s incredibly prolific on Gather, Examiner, HuffPo Blog and her own website. She also has an impressive hate brigade–a blog called Down With Chelsea Hoffman follows her every move–and is no stranger to heated online drama. Crime Library spoke with Chelsea about crime, her anti-fan club and the cases she’s covered.

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