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The Jodi Arias Trial: An Overview

When the trial opened on January 2, 2013, prosecutors portrayed Travis Alexander as a "good man." They asserted Jodi Arias seduced him, stalked him when he broke off the relationship, and finally murdered him in a jealous fit when she discovered he was dating other women. Prosecutor Juan Martinez stated, "This is not a case of whodunit. The whodunit sits in court today."

Self Defense or Jealous Rage? Trial Begins in Brutal Boyfriend Murder

A Phoenix jury will hear evidence in the trial of Jodi Arias, a 32-year-old photographer charged with the 2008 murder of her boyfriend, Alexander Travis. The 30-year-old man’s body, found in the shower of his Mesa home, told a story of a brutal end to a promising life. The motivational speaker and insurance salesman had been stabbed 27 times, shot in the face, and his throat was slit from ear to ear.