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Summer Fun: Manson Family Tour

For those of you vacationing in Los Angeles, who want to know more about the trail of Charles Manson and his family of followers, we present a multi-media bus tour of the locations associated with the bloody 1969 Tate/LaBianca murders, set to the music of the time.

Summer Fun: The Jeffrey Dahmer Walking Tour

A group in Milwaukee is offering guided tours of the hunting grounds of one of America’s most notorious, revolting and compelling serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal. Dahmer was convicted of the murders of 15 boys and men, whom raped, killed, dismembered and ate. When he was arrested, police found his apartment full of decomposing human remains.

Summer Fun: Luncheon at the Prison Served by Inmates

The Northwest Correctional Center in Concord, Mass., offers each day at its restaurant the Fife and Drum a generous lunch, but unlike Prison Cafeteria in Japan’s Abashiri Prison, which serves to the public the same food that the inmates eat, the Fife and Drum offers down-home American fare, prepared and served by actual inmates.

Summer Fun: A Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

For serial killer buffs itching to do something crime-oriented this summer, London, England, offers the unique opportunity of taking a walking tour of the scenes of the Jack the Ripper murders in that fair old city’s East End where the murders took place in the 1880s.

Summer Fun: Japanese ‘Prison Cafeteria’ Food of Abashiri Prison

Prison food isn’t just for prisoners anymore, at least not in the cafeteria at the prison in Abashirishi, Japan, where anyone can go to experience reasonably-priced, authentic prison fare without the bother of first being convicted of something.

Summer Fun: Be a ‘Guest’ in Latvian Prison-Hotel

It’s not the Hotel California, but it seems that the former Nazi and later Soviet prison of Karosta is now a fully dysfunctional prison-themed hotel, complete with lousy accommodations, bad food and classic prison abuse.

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