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Today in Crime History: Gary Heidnik captures first victim

On November 26, 1986, Josefina stormed out after a fight with her boyfriend. When she got into a stranger’s car, she could not have known that she would spend four horrifying months as a sex slave in the basement of Gary Heidnik, along with several other women.

Japanese horror story: The torture of Junko Furuta

Tokyo schoolgirl Junko Furuta was on her way home when a twisted teen gang abducted her and submitted her to 44 days of unimaginable torture.

Scary Mass. mother who burnt off son’s nipples and penis gets 30 years

In a crime reminiscent of the torture of Sylvia Likens, the mother of a male teen has been convicted of torturing him over the course of several weeks in 2013. Child services was notified of the abuse by a young relative of the family, who spent a weekend. Though permanently disfigured, unlike Likens, this victim survived.

Suburban Sex Slaves, Six Shocking Cases

The unnamed teen was reported missing on September 28, 2010. She may have run away from home and then been kept against her will, but it seems that what started out as a consensual sexual relationship, soon turned into an abusive, captive situation.

VIDEO: The Torture Murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

This short documentary film tells the horrific tale of how Knoxville couple Channon and Christopher were abducted, brutally tortured and finally murdered by three men and one woman.

The Torture Murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

A Tennessee couple is brutally tortured and murdered in a Knoxville home. The case stirs up public outrage based on a perceived lack of media coverage.

VIDEO: Serial Killer Leonard Lake, ‘What I Want’ in a Woman

Ever wonder what a psychopathic, sadistic serial killer wants in a woman? Well, here you go, a candid statement from Leonard Lake.

The Crimes of Arthur Gary Bishop

Executed on June 10, 1988, for the murders of five children, this Utah Bookkeeper’s compulsion for child pornography escalated horrifyingly to abduction, torture and murder.

Animal Stomping Fetish Videos are Dilemma for Courts, Crushing Blow for Animal Lovers

Does watching a high-heeled woman stomp the life out of a kitten float your boat? Probably not. But there exists a subculture of humanity that scours the internet for so-called “crush videos.” Now the legality of such videos–and whether banning them violates free speech rights–is debated in Federal court.

Retrial Underway in Infamous Knoxville Torture Murder

The latest chapter in the story that began with the horrific torture, rape and murder of young Knoxville couple Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom began this week as testimony in the retrial of alleged killer George Thomas got underway.

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