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Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition

As chief inquisitor of the infamous Spanish Inquisition, Torquemada was responsible for the torture and execution of thousands.

Dr. Josef Mengele: The ‘Angel of Death’

On January 17, 1945, Mengele, the notoriously ruthless Nazi concentration camp doctor, who committed countless unspeakable crimes against humanity in the name of science, fled before the advancing Soviet Army and disappeared into obscurity.

Slideshow: Cruel & unusual punishment

Ten of the most brutal methods of execution and torture used throughout history.

Woman sentenced to 10 years for animal snuff porn

Ashley Richards was sentenced today to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to making fetishist “hard crush” videos. “Hard crush” fetishists get gratification from watching cute animals get tortured with knives and such, and then stomped to death by women’s feet, bare or in high heels. A look at Richards’ case and the twisted road to outlawing crush porn.

The mobile torture chamber of serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades

Serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades kidnapped and tortured his victims inside a chamber set up inside his big rig truck.

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng’s list of rules

Serial killer duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng videotaped themselves raping and torturing women inside a bunker in Wilseyville, Calif. On the door of the bunker hung the list of rules seen here. The victims, even those who followed the rules, were killed and either burned or buried in the yard.

Today in Crime History: Shanda Sharer’s killers are charged

On March 15, 1992, four teenage girls were charged with the brutal, sadistic murder of Sharer, 12, in a bizarre case of sexual obsession and domination.

Washington couple sentenced for torturing teenage charge

Jordan Gunn’s mother thought that his brother would be a good influence on the young man. In 2012 she sent Jordan, now 13, to live with Navy man Brandon Gunn, 27, and his wife, Viviana Gunn, 34. That meant moving Jordan away from the rest of the family in Atlanta, to Silverdale, Washington. Brandon and [...]

Today in Crime History: Killer couple Fred & Rose West claim another victim

Around 10 p.m. on December 27, 1974, college student Lucy Partington was on her way to catch a bus home after visiting a friend. She had the misfortune to meet up with Fred and Rose West, who abducted her. She was tortured for approximately a week and then murdered, dismembered and buried in Fred’s construction projects.

A woman’s torturous ordeal at the hands of Jeffrey Maxwell

A deeply religious woman is kidnapped and held captive. For twelve days, she endured sexual torture and beatings so horrible, her captor said to her, “By the time I’m through, you won’t believe in God.”

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