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The torture and death of Sylvia Marie Likens

On October 26, 1965, Indianapolis police answered a call saying that a girl had died. The call came from a pay telephone in front of a Shell station in a poor section of the city. When the cops got to the dingy clapboard home, they found the emaciated dead body of 16-year-old Sylvia Marie Likens, who had suffered a degree of abuse so tremendous, a prosecutor later called her killing “the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana.”

The brutal murder of nurse Mindy Schloss

Nurse psychologist Mindy Schloss met a brutal end at the hands of her neighbor Joshua Wade in the wee hours of August 4, 2007. Before killing Schloss, Wade threw a party.

Today in Crime History: The Kansas City Butcher is Born

January 31, 1949, saw the birth of Bob Berdella, who in four years of serial killing had tortured six men to death. In the end, he only served four years in prison before dying. Some have suggested that he was poisoned, and Berdella himself complained that he was not getting his heart medication, but for lack of any evidence, his cause of death is listed as natural causes.

Woman Charged in BDSM Murder Case Delivers Co-Defendant’s Baby

A California woman charged with murder in the death of Marine wife Brittany Killgore has reportedly delivered a baby. The San Diego Reader reported Monday that Dorothy Maraglino, 37, gave birth to a child fathered by Louis Perez, 46, who is also charged in Killgore’s slaying. Maraglino, Perez, and a third co-defendant, Jessica Lopez, 25, have all pleaded not guilty to murder.

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