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Tommy Lynn Sells “Coast to Coast” killer executed in Texas

He just loved to kill; it was almost a mission. After 20 or more sexually-motivated murders, however, serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, who avoided police by traveling through the U.S. and killing in different states, was finally caught with the help of a victim who survived. He was executed Thursday.

Today in Crime History: Young girl survives a serial killer’s attack

In the wee hours of December 31, 1999, serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells entered a Texas bedroom where Katy Harris, 13, and Krystal Surles, 10, were sleeping. Krystal watched as Tommy fatally slit Katy’s throat, and then went after her. She played dead until he was gone, and later helped to apprehend him.

VIDEO: Serial Killer Tommy Lynn Sells ‘I Am Hate’

This death-row interview with the serial killer who called himself “Coast to Coast” for the geographic reach of his 30-year rampage, provides the viewer with a good look into the dark abyss that is the mind of a true serial killer; it is not for the faint-hearted.

Today in Crime History: Tommy Lynn Sells Kills Woman and Daughter in Tennessee Trailer

On April 4, serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells broke into the trailer home of a 32-year-old woman in Gibson County, Tenn., 75 miles northeast of Memphis. He raped and stabbed the woman to death, then stabbed to death her 8-year-old daughter.

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