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Two killed, three injured rescuing cell phone from toilet

Two people are dead and three injured after a woman in Henan, China, accidentally dropped her brand-new cell phone into the open-pit toilet she was using. Six people waded into the pool of human waste; all were overcome and lost consciousness. The fate of the phone is unreported, but it’s probably still in there.

Brooklyn Man Injured in Bizarre Toilet Explosion

A man in New York is suing after being seriously injured when he flushed the toilet in his apartment to check the water pressure. His was one of four toilets to have exploded at the time.

VIDEO: Chinese Medics Rescue Newborn From Sewer Pipe

On May 29, 2013, the Chinese press reported the rescue of a 6-pound, 2.8-ounce newborn boy with placenta still attached that had become stuck in a sewer pipe. Apart from having a low heart rate and some minor abrasions, the boy, now named Baby No. 59 for the incubator that houses him, is doing well. The case is being investigated as a possible attempted homicide.

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