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Today in Crime History: Roland Kuster’s body is found

On May 9, 1997, popular Hollywood photographer Roland Kuster is found dead in his Los Angeles studio. Broken glass littered the floor, a bloody shoeprint told detectives that Kuster’s death wasn’t an accident.

Today in Crime History: Mary Kay Letourneau heads back to prison for contacting young student lover

It was on this day in 1998 that Mary Kay Letourneau was sent back to prison for contacting her teenage lover and father of her daughter, Vili Fualaau. She had just served a six month sentence for the relationship — which began when Fualaau was 12 and she was 34 — but she couldn’t stay away from Fualaau. The two planned to run away together but were caught.

Today in Crime History: Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, pleads guilty

It was on this day — January 22nd — in 1998 that Theodore Kaczynski plead guilty in Sacramento to being the Unabomber in exchange for a life sentence without parole.

Today in Crime History: Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer is shot dead

Famous for playing Alfalfa in “The Little Rascals,” Carl Switzer was an early child star who turned to drinking when the spotlight dimmed. There are three theories to explain what happened when he went to reclaim money he paid as a reward for a lost dog, but each of them end with a deadly gunshot wound to his groin.

Today in Crime History: The Son of Sam Killer Makes his Debut

On the morning of July 29, 1976, David Berkowitz, aka the Son of Sam, took his first victim, Donna Lauria. Police thought it was a mob hit gone wrong or a lone psycho, but it was a serial killer, who, driven by demons, would terrorize the city of New York until he was stopped.

Today in Crime History: Eric Rudolph Pleads Not Guilty to Bombing Abortion Clinic

On June 3, 2003, Eric Rudolph pleaded not guilty to charges that he bombed an abortion clinic. The bombing killed an off duty police officer and critically injured a nurse.

Today in Crime History: Couple Viciously Attacked by ‘Night Stalker’ Richard Ramirez

On June 2, 1985, Theodore Wildings was shot in the head while he slept in his apartment in the Cow Hollow section of San Francisco. Nancy Brien, Theodore’s girlfriend., was then brutally raped by the Night Stalker.

Today in Crime History: Chicago Ripper Crew’s First Victim Found

On June 1, 1981, police discovered a corpse at the Moonlit Hotel in Chicago. The woman was murdered, mutilated, and had her breasts removed. Having a fetish for breasts would become one of the Chicago Ripper Crew’s trademarks.

Today in Crime History: Serial Bomber Eric Robert Rudolph Captured

On May 31, 2003, the long search for one of the nation’s most notorious domestic terrorists was at last brought to an end when a young rookie police officer made a surprising find behind a grocery store.

Today in Crime History: ‘Last Call Killer’ Richard Rogers is Arrested and Charged

On May 27, 2001, Richard Rogers was arrested and charged with the murder and dismemberment of two victims found in New Jersey. The “Last Call Killer” has also been suspected in other murders.

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