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What to do — and not do — when posing for the police camera

Be warned: drugs and alcohol may inhibit your ability to even remember the following tips, much less actually follow them if and when the time comes.

Five Habits of Highly Successful Jurors

Five tips on successful performance of the honor and privilege that is jury duty, so you can stay out of trouble and stay out of jail.

VIDEO: Tips on How to Survive a School Shooting

As strange as this may sound, it’s actually pretty good advice for adults and kids alike, and could probably be applied with relative success to any mass shooting or spree shooting scenario.

VIDEO: How to Act if You’re Stopped by a Cop

Ever wonder how to behave if you’re stopped by police? Don’t wind up tasered and under arrest never understanding what you did wrong. The common sense, easy-te-remember tips in this video should help.

Four Lessons in Love Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Four important relationship tips that these alleged perpetrators wish they had known before getting into trouble.

Pranksters: Nine Tips on Having a Law Enforcement-Free Halloween

Most people realize that Halloween pranks involving arson, kidnapping, and assault will get the police involved, but it’s surprising how grey for some the distinction between fun and felony can be. A look at some Halloween pranks gone wrong, and some advice on what sorts of activities to avoid—even in the spirit of fun.

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