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So a guy and a tiger walk into a bar … really, in Illinois

A guy took a leashed tiger into a busy bar on a Sunday evening and ordered a beer. When the bartender asked what the tiger would be drinking, the man replied, Anything he wants. At least that’s how the old joke goes. Police aren’t laughing either.

Poachers Sedate, Kill Tiger in Zoo

It seems that it’s getting hard enough to find tigers in the wild, that poachers these days are targeting those in captivity.

Man Who Leapt Into Tiger Habitat Fixated on Mother Nature, New Age Pseudoscience

On Friday, David Villalobos, 25, leapt from an elevated train and into a tiger habitat at the Bronx zoo, where he was promptly mauled by a 400 pound male Siberian tiger named Bachuta. When asked why he committed this dangerous and seemingly senseless act, Villalobos, who’s since been charged with trespassing, said he “wanted to be one with the tiger.”

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