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Buddhist monk caught shoplifting beef jerky

It was April 10, 2014, and a Buddhist monk was apparently experiencing a serious jones for jerked meat. Many Taiwanese were shocked when the sworn vegetarian was caught on camera not only stealing, but stealing beef jerky from a store near the Zen Buddhist temple in Nantou.

Australian authorities launch search for massive mango

Last week the three-quarter-ton, gold-flecked Bendigo Rock at the National Rock Garden in Canberra, Australia, was stolen. This week, the gigantic Big Mango in Bowen, some 1,300 miles away, has also been stolen. Whether this is mere coincidence or part of a larger, more sinister trend is not immediately apparent.

Police in Australia search for massive missing rock

It seems that thieves will steal anything — even a big, heavy display rock that is nailed down. Police in Australia are on the lookout for a stolen rock, flecked with gold that was part of a display in the National Rock Garden in Canberra. The rock would have taken a crane to lift, a truck to move, and is only worth about $200.

Blogger stole poker chips with chopsticks

A poker blogger fished out poker chips from dealers’ tip boxes and got himself caught.

World’s tiniest water lily stolen

Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Garden near London, reports that one of their extremely rare and valuable miniature water lilies has been stolen. The lily, the tiniest in the world, would likely be extinct had the garden’s horticulturalists not coaxed 50 seeds back to life by simulating the exact conditions it requires. Lily Nypaea Thremarum [...]

Police called for Jell-O theft

Police say they’re still investigating a case of missing Jell-O from a Pennsylvania office refrigerator.

Shhh! Librarian Allegedly Embezzles a Ton of Money in Overdue Book Fines

A woman hired by an Ohio library to keep track of fees and fines was allegedly tracking them into her own pocket. Police say Theresa Karm, 54, has stolen almost $350,000 in overdue book fines since she started working at the Cuyahoga Falls library in 2007. She was fired three months ago but theft charges weren’t filed until this week.

Today in Crime History: The End of Bonnie and Clyde

On May 23, 1943, iconic outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were shot to death by Texas and Louisiana state police.

Accused Ben Franklin Bust Thief to Plead Guilty

A woman formerly employed as a housekeeper by 85-year-old historic artifacts collector George A. D’Angelo is set to plead guilty to stealing a bust of Benjamin Franklin valued at $3 million from his Bryn Mawr, Pa., home.

Shoplifters Wreak Havoc for One Case of Beer

Two unidentified Texas men hell bent on getting a case knocked over a customer, fought with a clerk, nearly knocked over two more people before speeding away in their getaway vehicle. They were followed, and apparently prepared to go to extreme lengths to get their beer, possibly even vehicular manslaughter.