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How not to spend your Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! If you’re not being stampeded to death, wrestled to the ground by a cop, or leaving your kid in a freezing car, we’d say you’re doing pretty darn good. Better than these folks at least.

A Very Special Thanksgiving Letter From the Columbus Stocking Strangler

Our very own Denise Noe has maintained a correspondence with Carlton Michael Gary, the Columbus Stocking Strangler. Last year, he drew her an adorable Thanksgiving turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving! Check out our crime buffet of holiday weirdness

You can give thanks this Thanksgiving that none of this crazy stuff happened to you.

Six women brawl in Wisconsin supermarket just in time for the holidays

It seems that police got a call about a melee, from an innocent bystander reporting that six women were engaging in a food fight and fisticuffs in a local Madison, Wisconsin, supermarket. The caller was nearly hit in the head with a container of yogurt. The women also reportedly used pepper spray, bacon and launched a frozen turkey during the fray.

Thanks for Nothing

News snippets about incessant bell ringing, turkey rights, and atheists, agnostics and humanists complaining. Hello, the holidays are upon us!

Teens Charged With Killing Family’s Pet Turkey

Two Florida panhandle teens are accused of using a bow and arrow to shoot a turkey, which they were planning to eat for Thanksgiving. That particular turkey, however, was for loving, not eating.

Reckless Driver Ordered to Make Turkey Dinner for Cops

In another case of an unorthodox penalty for reckless driving, an Ohio woman will be making a Thanksgiving dinner for three police officers.

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