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WATCH: Crocodile Bites Trainer’s Head

Crocodile trainer Pravit Suebmee, 27, who for eight years has been the guy who puts his head in the large reptile’s mouth, got the surprise of his career over the weekend when the disgruntled crocodile clapped its jaws shut on his extended head and shook it.

‘Swirl-Face’ Pedophile Out of Thai Prison, Arrested in Canada

Christopher Neil served a five year sentence in a Thai prison for sexually abusing young boys. Now Neil, 37, is out of prison and back in British Columbia, where he was promptly arrested upon his homecoming. However, authorities say he won’t be charged with the crimes he committed abroad.

Red Bull Heir Arrested in Hit-and-Run Death of Policeman

Police in Bangkok, Thailand, arrested Vorayuth Yoovidhya, 27, for allegedly running over and dragging a police officer while recklessly driving a Ferrari. The victim, Sgt. Maj. Wichean Glanprasert, 47, was on a motorcycle patrol early Monday morning when police say he was struck and dragged for several meters by a Ferrari driven by Yoovidhya, the grandson of late Red Bull creator Chaleo Yoovidhya.

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