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Suzanne Basso executed in Texas last night

A Texas woman convicted of murdering her mentally impaired fiance for insurance fraud was executed yesterday at 6pm. She is the 14th woman to be executed since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.

Guy who peed on the Alamo pleads guilty

There’s now at least one more Texan who will always remember the Alamo, because after peeing on it t in 2012 and getting caught, he now faces significant jail time and a hefty fine.

Watch: Video posted by robbed store owner mocks robber’s technique

This video, with renditions of the Mission Impossible theme song and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on kazoo, was published by the owner of a robbed Texas electronics store, who thought the job was very unprofessional, commenting “Our store got broken into. Judging from the surveillance video the thief doesn’t seem to be highly skilled in his area.”

Two arrested for shooting injured cat like skeet pigeon

Specifically, two Texas men were arrested after police say on January 18, 2014, they tossed an injured cat into the air and shot it with a shotgun, rather than taking it to a vet.

Watch: Policeman on patrol plays catch with boy

A police officer in Rosenburg, Texas, was patrolling a residential neighborhood in his cruiser on January 18, 2014, when he saw a lone boy with a football. So what did the officer do? He got out and played catch with the kid. This, all caught on dashcam and tweeted by Rosenburg police.

Missing, now found: Michelle Garvey

Police have announced that the remains of a slain girl found in Texas over 30 years ago belong to missing teen Michelle Garvey, who vanished from New London, Conn., on June 1, 1982. Authorities assumed that Garvey ran away to North Carolina or New Jersey. All prior assumptions have likely been discarded as the investigation continues.

Rich teen suffering from ‘affluenza’ gets probation for crash that killed 4

We can now add a new outrageous defense to our law books: “Affluenza,” the state or condition in which a child of wealth and privilege is raised with no consequences for bad behavior. In plain English: A spoiled rich brat can’t be held fully responsible for his actions — let’s start by blaming his parents.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Americans agree that JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, but 50 years later just about every other detail of the case has been questioned. Who killed JFK? The CIA? The Cubans? The Mafia? The FBI? LBJ? The Russians? Little green men? Or was it just Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby, two lone nuts who changed the world?

Coral Eugene Watts: The Sunday Morning Slasher

On November 16, 2004, Watts’ defense made its closing statements. Considered America’s most prolific serial killer, Watts is suspected in as many as 100 murders. Known as The Sunday Morning Slasher, he abducted and tortured his victims before brutally killing them. Watts was the first serial killer almost released from prison.

Dallas Woman who led police on drug-fueled car chase, ‘I had a bad day’

Reshonda Fields first caught the attention of Dallas police when her dark-colored Cadillac blew through a stop light one night this week. When police went to pull her over, they discovered that this was not going to be any ordinary traffic stop because Fields wasn’t about to stop for anyone.

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