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Angel Maturino Resendiz, the Railroad Killer

His story is unique in that every time he committed a crime in the U.S., he would be deported to Mexico, and released to reenter the U.S., and kill again. He is suspected in as many as 30 murders, all committed near railroad tracks. The total number of his victims may never be known.

Multi-millionaire arrested for allegedly peeing on candy display

Eccentric multi-millionaire Robert Durst was arrested again, this time for allegedly exposing himself and peeing all over the candy and cash register at a drugstore. His motive is unclear, but then again, his motives tend that way. In 2001 Durst, a fugitive, was caught trying to steal a sandwich and a band aid. He had $500 in his pocket.

Andrea Yates: Why did this Texas mom drown her kids?

In 2001, Andrea Yates, suffering from severe depression and psychotic episodes, waited until her husband went to work and methodically drowned her five young children one at a time in the bathtub.

Dangerous prosecution: The Texas district attorney killings

A Kaufman County, Texas, assistant district attorney is gunned down in broad daylight. Two months later, his boss, the county DA is killed in his home, along with his wife. At first, authorities suspected members of the Aryan Brotherhood, but evidence led them to a suspect much closer to home.

David Koresh and the siege at Waco

On April 19, 1993, a lengthy standoff between the religious group the Branch Davidians and law enforcement came to a brutal end that killed 86 people.

Video: Dramatic police rescue from oncoming train

A police officer is shown here dragging a hysterical woman off the train tracks Sunday at 1 a.m. as the oncoming train bears down on them. The video that was released by Richmond, Texas, police the same day shows Officer Ramon Morales, who arrived just as the crossing arms went down, pull the screaming woman off the [...]

Jason Massey: From victim to victimizer

On April 3, 2001 the tale of Jason Massey came to an abrupt end by the executioner’s hand. As a young man, Massey idolized Charles Manson, became obsessed with torture and murder, and strove to become a “murder machine.”

The torment and tragedy of 10-year-old Jonathan James

Jonathan James died in July 2011 after he was deprived of water by his father and step mother for five days. Both have been charged with first-degree felony injury to a child. Jonathan’s step mother, Tina Alberson, was tried this January. His blind father, Michael James, who blames his wife for Jonathan’s death, awaits trial.

Bar jokes about domestic violence, acquires national notoriety, Facebook scorn

Courtney Williams entered Scruffy Duffie’s bar in Plano, Texas, and saw the following handwritten sign making fun of domestic violence. As a former victim, Williams was offended, and asked the bartender and two managers to take it down. Her friends also asked, but the sign stayed up. She posted it on Facebook. Now it’s down.

Tommy Lynn Sells “Coast to Coast” killer executed in Texas

He just loved to kill; it was almost a mission. After 20 or more sexually-motivated murders, however, serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, who avoided police by traveling through the U.S. and killing in different states, was finally caught with the help of a victim who survived. He was executed Thursday.

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