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Tennessee woman finds strange young man passed out in her closet

After finding some guy passed out drunk in her closet this week, one Knox, County, Tennessee, woman will never open a closet door the same way again.

Drunk guy arrested for ATM sex, sex with table

There are nights when a guy just can’t get lucky. For Tennessean Lonnie Hutton, 49, that unlucky night occurred on May 16, 2014. Hutton entered the Boro Bar and Grill in Murfreesboro, and then reportedly dropped his trousers, exposing his genitals, and proceeded to have sex with the ATM machine.

A Tennessee minister slain: The case against Mary Winkler

Soon after the discovery of Matthew Winkler’s murder his wife, Mary Winkler, was accused of shooting him at point-blank range in the back. Though prosecutors argued that he had caught her kiting checks, she would argue that he had abused her emotionally and sexually.

James Earl Ray and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

Did James Earl Ray kill Dr. King on April 4, 1968, and was the assassination the culmination of a conspiracy to silence the leader of America’s non-violent civil rights and anti-war movement? Conspiracy theories abound.

Maury County Jane Doe unidentified for nearly 40 years

Authorities in Maury County, Tennessee, are still trying to identify the remains of a Jane Doe found by hunters on February 14, 1975. Police think she was killed in the fall of 1974, and dumped about 2 miles from Highway 99 and Joe Brown Road. They have never gotten any leads in the case.

Police arrest suspect in Holly Bobo case

Police have named Zachary Adams as a suspect in the case of missing Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo, abducted from her family home one morning in April 2011. No trace of Bobo was ever found, except a pool of blood next her her car in the car port.

Elusive bandits broke in, smoked, and dye hair red

Whoever these unknown perpetrators are, police say there is no evidence that they are adolescent girls who simply found an empty house to hang-out in for Thanksgiving. There is also no evidence that the perpetrators were braiding each other’s hair at the time, and talking about boys.

VIDEO: The Torture Murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

This short documentary film tells the horrific tale of how Knoxville couple Channon and Christopher were abducted, brutally tortured and finally murdered by three men and one woman.

Robber Returns Money with Apology Note 11 Years Later

Somboon Wu was working at his family’s Nashville, Tennessee, store, the Interasian Market and Deli, when an unidentified man walked in a handed him an envelope containing $400 and a note.

Man Stole Human Ashes, Mistaking them for Cocaine

Nashville, Tennessee, man William “Billy” Cantrell, 28, may have though he found the mother lode after he allegedly burgled a neighbor’s home last week, taking a game controller and a box with a bag containing a white powdery substance that turns wasn’t cocaine.

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