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VIDEO: Teen Boy Breaks Down After Shooting Parents

In December, 2010, 14-year-old Naples, Fla., boy Alex Crain called 911. He told the operator that both his parents had been shot and pleaded for police to “please hurry.” When asked who shot his parents, Alex cried, “I did.”

Man Convicted of Rape After Impregnating Teenager

A 38-year-old Ohio man had a hard time concealing his misdeeds, when, say authorities, his 13-year-old victim became pregnant with his child.

Teen Girl Arrested in Craigslist Prostitution Prank

You know what’s a great way of getting back at someone you hate? Putting up a Craigslist ad offering sexual services under their name. You know what’s illegal and can get you in a lot of trouble? You guessed it.

Teen Tries to Pay Walmart Money Owed From Shoplifting — By Robbing Someone

In our latest installment of "Good Idea? Bad Idea!" Florida teen Kimani Parker decided to settle-up with WalMart regarding some money he owed for shoplifting, good idea! However, he decided that the best way to get the money was to rob a bunch of stuff and sell it for cash, bad idea!

Confession Released in Case of Jake Evans, Teen Charged With Killing Mom, Sister

It seems that 17-year-old Jake Evans never intended to hide the October murders of his mother Jami, 47, and sister Mallory, 15. Immediately after the killings, Jake called 911 (heard below) and told the operator, “I just killed my mother and sister” and “I shot them with a .22 revolver.” A confession Jake wrote following his arrest offers insight into the young man’s thought process before and after the slayings.

NYC Teen Killed for Marmot Coat isn’t the First

On Friday,New York City teenager Raphael Ward was fatally shot after police say a group of people tried to take his Marmot brand parka. Sadly, Ward is not the first teen in NYC to die over this coat.

Teen Indicted in 14-Year-Old’s Stabbing Death

A 17-year-old Alabama girl has been indicted on murder charges after police say she stabbed to death another girl, 14, in March. According to authorities, a group of approximately 20 teens were having a party at a house with no parents present when a fight broke out between four girls. The fight worked its way into the kitchen where police say Autumn Wood grabbed a knife and stabbed Brooklyn Hollins, who died at the scene.

Father Says Police Have Suspects in Hannah Truelove Murder

After a month of no new information in the case, the grieving father of murdered Georgia teen Hannah Truelove has told WSBTV that authorities have suspects in his daughter’s slaying. “They say they just want to make sure they don’t do anything wrong, dot their ‘I’s,’ cross their ‘T’s,’ but they do have suspects,” said Jeff Truelove. As the shock of her murder dies down in the community, Truelove is fighting to make sure solving his daughter’s death remains a top priority for police.

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