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Photos of Rehtaeh Parsons Appeared in Facebook Dating Ads

This, in and of itself might not seem so bad, but the Nova Scotia teen committed suicide in 2011 at age 17 from online bullying stemming from an acquaintance rape. She was 15 when four boys at a friend’s house allegedly raped her, photographed it and circulated photos of the assault online. The ads have been pulled and the advertiser banned from Facebook.

Schoolgirl Commits Suicide During Exam

Police in Haripur, about 60 miles from Islamabad, Pakistan, are investigating the suicide of schoolgirl Natasha Habib, 16, who shot herself in the head during a practical exam after being harassed, perhaps sexually, by a boy named Asad. This just days after the Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott rape-suicide scandals go international.

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