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Slideshow: Anything for a buzz

From vodka-soaked tampons to hand sanitizer, some teens will go to any lengths to get inebriated.

Stores pull aerosol deodorants in response to child huffing spree

It’s not just a teen dusting trend, it’s also a tween dusting trend that seems to have popped up out of nowhere two weeks ago and now has authorities pulling aerosol deodorant off the shelves.

New Teen Drug Craze? Butane Hash Oil

Dabbing, yes, yet another new teen drug craze. One that distills an old favorite into a new high that can make you pass out, fall down, and injure or even kill yourself falling. Just to add danger to the fun, making it can blow up your house.

Have You Met ‘Molly?’

It’s being called the new “it” drug, but it’s really just an old drug working it’s way back into the scene: MDMA or Ecstacy. Molly is sold as a purer form of that drug and can have serious and dangerous effects on the user including depression and hyperthermia.

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