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Ted Bundy

Sentenced to death — twice — on July 30, 1979, for the murders of Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy, this handsome, educated law student was actually one of history’s most terrifying psychopathic killers, who stalked and murdered dozens of young women.

Ted Bundy

Between March 1 and March 3, 1975, the skulls and jawbones of Lynda Healy, Susan Rancourt, Roberta Parks and Brenda Ball were found on Taylor Mountain just east of Issaquah. Years later, Bundy claimed that he had also dumped Donna Manson’s body there, but no trace of her has ever been found.

Today in Crime History: Ted Bundy Leaves His Famous Bite Mark

On January 15, 1878, Ted Bundy broke into a sorority house and killed two girls who were sleeping inside. Before leaving, he wiped the room clean, but one crucial piece of evidence was left behind: a bite mark on the buttock of one of the victims. This bite mark would become a central piece of evidence in Bundy’s trial and conviction.

Evidence Files: Ted Bundy’s fingerprint sheet and wanted poster

Not only one of America’s most prolific serial killers, Ted Bundy was also known for his escapes from police custody. He escaped twice from Colorado, during which time a national manhunt was launched and information about him cobbled together for law enforcement all over the country.

Your Daily Creepout: Ted Bundy’s Bite Mark

Prolific serial killer Ted Bundy’s undoing was a bite mark he left on the buttocks of one of his victims, Lisa Levy. Levy and her sorority sister Martha Bowman had been strangled and beaten to death, but their killer did not leave much evidence in the Chi Omega sorority house, except for the bite mark, which later matched impressions taken of Bundy’s teeth and became a central piece of evidence at his trial.

Fifteen Things Found in Ted Bundy’s Stolen Car

An FBI inventory from a February 13, 1978, search of one of the cars Ted Bundy had stolen. The items listed are the typical stuff you’d find in a messy car: snack wrappers, cigarettes and the like. Bundy abandoned this Ford Station wagon and stole a Volkswagen Beetle, in which he was arrested two days later.

LOOK: Ted Bundy Gleefully Dancing in the Woods

It’s a fact of life: everybody goofs off sometimes. Making faces, singing silly songs and dancing all flippity-flappity like a weirdo is just human nature. Nobody is exempt from an occasional bout of oddball behavior, not even the most serious types. And, it appears, not even serial killers. Here’s an undated candid photo of quintessential serial killer Ted Bundy clicking his heels and flashing a grin.

An Interview With Robert D. Keppel, Ph.D.

Retired detective and renowned criminologist talks openly about his work on the Ted Bundy and Green River Killer cases.

VIDEO: Ted Bundy Gives Final Interview Before Execution

On January 23, 1989, the eve of his execution, serial killer Ted Bundy discusses at length his crimes, his childhood and his impending death in Florida’s electric chair.

Forensics & Investigation: Bite Marks as Evidence to Convict

A look at bite-mark evidence in criminal investigation. A unique forensic tool first used in the court room during the latter half of the last century; bite-mark analysis is what convicted Ted Bundy.

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