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Slideshow: Outrageous taser use and abuse

As new indictments are filed against two Mounties in Robert Dziekanski’s 2007 tasing death captured on video at Vancouver airport, we take a look at some other high profile use and abuse of the stun gun.

Shocking gimmick: Police chief to be tased for $$

Knightstown police Chief Danny Baker needs a new squad car, which might not be a tall order for a big-town police station, but for a town with a population of just over 2,000, the remaining $9,000 necessary to get the cruiser isn’t a shoe-in. So to get donations, the chief has decided to submit to a public tasing.

All of these crimes were committed in church

Brawling, stabbing and of course robbing — all at church. Apparently nothing is sacred anymore.

Video: Two drunk guys tase each other for fun

A taser is not a toy, and we at Crime Library in no way condone tasing for fun, no matter how good-natured — so never to try anything this incredibly stupid at home. That said, this video of two drunk Australian men laughing as they shock each other repeatedly may be indicative of a new trend: recreational tasing.

Hero or Dangerous Vigilante? The Rise and Fall of ‘Kick Ass Mall Cop’

Is Darien Long, who rose to fame as the “Kick Ass Mall Cop” who Tased a mom in front of her kids, a trigger happy lunatic or the hero that Atlanta’s violent downtown needs?

VIDEO: Mall Security Guard Tases Belligerent Mom

Darien Long the Atlanta mall security guard whose video of an encounter with a violent angry woman went viral on the Internet recently has garnered such support that Redditor RyuKenya set up a fund to help him get more and better equipment to keep up the good work.

Inebriated Man Threatens, Tasers Grandmother, Great Aunt

Well, it was inevitable: America’s love-affair with the Taser has moved to the home front. Alec Arapahoe, 20, of Longmont, Colorado, was arrested on January 5, 2013, for using a stun gun to menace and taser his grandmother and great aunt, one of whom is 66 and the other 63.

Arizona Man Tasered at Target, His Dog Shot and Killed

A Maricopa County man and his dog, both behave strangely in a Target, lead police on a chase through the store and manage to take a bite out of an officer.

VIDEO: Smug Activist Refuses to Follow Rules, Gets Tased in Court

Idahoan Robert Peterson has a strange concept of what laws are for and who they apply to. The 21-year-old showed up at Kootenai County court in August for a summons he got for riding his bike at night without a light on, but instead of taking what would have likely been a minor fine, Peterson wound up in a world of trouble.

Naked Woman Dead After Taser Jolt May Have Been High on Bath Salts

Pamela McCarthy, 35, of Munnsville, New York, may have been high on bath salts when she was tasered by responding officers on Tuesday evening after police received a call about a woman beating her son.

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