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Perjury Trial of Officer in Taser-Related Robert Dziekanski Death Begins

The first of four trials to be held in connection with the taser-related death of would-be immigrant Robert Dziekanski began in Vancouver, Canada, on June 10, 2013. Constable Bill Bentley is one of four officers charged with perjuring themselves during an inquiry into the October 2007 death.

B.C. Coroner Rules Dziekanski Taser Death a Homicide

A coroner in British Columbia has ruled the 2007 taser death of would-be Polish immigrant to Canada Robert Dziekanski, 40, at the hands of four R.C.M.P. officers in the Vancouver Airport to have been a homicide. These findings are in keeping with those of the Canadian government’s official inquiry into Dziekanski’s death.

Former Police Chief Dies After Being Tased

Former police chief of Rankin, Penn., Darryl Briston, was arrested and tased into compliance. He died of cardiac arrest soon after.

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