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The man convicted of infecting 45 patients with Hep C is sentenced

Sometimes we report about a case and never get to hear about it’s conclusion. This time, however, in the case of a traveling hospital worker with a drug habit, who knowingly infecting 45 people with the hepatitis C virus, we are glad to say he will be locked away for a very long time.

Today in Crime History: The Tylenol Murders Begin

September 29, 1982, marked the beginning of the mysterious Tylenol Murders that claimed the life of Mary Kellerman, 12, and six others. Tylenol in the Chicago area was laced with lethal amounts of cyanide. The case was never solved.

Floridian Indicted for Returning Used Enemas

The crime that revolted the nation not long ago, may have been solved. Floridian Ronald Eugene Robinson, who was arrested for returning enemas he personally used to a Florida CVS, has been indicted on felony charges of tampering. If convicted he faces ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Florida Man Returns Used Enemas to CVS

The unidentified white male returned the enemas to the store saying that he didn’t need them anymore. In truth, he didn’t need them, because he had already used them all.

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