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Vampire hater charged with illegal possession of crossbow

Whether or not all crossbows are illegal in Sweden, or just the ones pointed at police is unclear, but one Swed is charged with illegal crossbow possession after officers, sent to escort him to trial on charges of illegal knife possession, opened his door to find themselves staring down an armed crossbow.

Woman who slapped her alleged groper convicted of assault

A Swedish court recently ruled that a woman, who slapped the acquaintance she claims pinched her buttock, was essentially overreacting, and that the man was in fact her victim. It is not known if she reacted to the verdict by slapping the judge.

Peeping tom reports couple having sex in their own house

Police don’t know why the man some reports are describing as a “window lurker” was looking through the bedroom window of a Blekinge, Sweden, couple’s home, but they do know that he saw them engage in an intimate sexual act — and was extremely offended.

Swedish couple’s Ikea disaster triggers police response

Police in Strömstad, Sweden, were called to an apartment this week around 1 a.m after neighbors reported hearing loud banging and the cries of a child or possibly a baby. What police might have feared was a domestic disturbance, turned out to be a a domestic improvement project gone horribly wrong.

Swedish morgue has janitor remove internal organs

A short-staffed morgue in Sweden is reportedly raising eyebrows by having a janitor assist with the autopsies. The janitor, who works for the hospital in southern Sweden in which the morgue is located, apparently took out the trash, and the internal organs from a number of bodies, starting last summer.

Man Acquitted of DUI Because he was Asleep at the Time

An unnamed Swedish man was recently acquitted of by a Gothenburg court of appeals for DUI because he convinced the judge that he was asleep at the time that he was pulled over. Also he’s not the first Swede to get away with this unusual defense.

Fugitive Turns Himself In, But Police Are Closed

After 17 months on the run Saleh Hadri decided to turn himself in for the murder of a gang leader in Malmö, Sweden, but was told that the police station was closed for the day. So what’s a guy gotta do to get arrested in Malmö anyway?

Sweden’s Most Prolific Serial Killer Maybe Just Compulsive Liar

Convicted Swedish serial killer Sture Bergwall, aka Thomas Quick, who confessed to 20 murders and was convicted of 8, was considered Sweden’s worst serial killer — until he recanted his confessions and his convictions were overturned. Friday a judge ordered retrials in the last three, and if prosecutors decline to retry, Bergwall may be released this year.

S&M Session Turns Deadly in Swedish ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Murder

The case has been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, but unlike in the bestselling book, the sex slave dies.

Accused of Necrophilia, ‘Skeleton Lady’ Wants Bones Back

A 37-year-old woman on trial in a Swedish court for necrophilia and other related charges after police found over 100 human skeletal remains in her apartment has petitioned the court for the return of her macabre collection, claiming that she has done nothing wrong.

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