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LAPD to Stop Publicizing Celebrity SWAT Team Pranks

Last month, a 12-year-old boy admitted to “swatting” the Los Angeles homes of Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher – his prank calls sent heavily-armed swat teams to the stars’ homes on false alarm. To combat copycats, the LAPD will no longer publicize these pranks.

Kardashians Join List of Celebrity Swatting Victims

Remember a more innocent age where kids would prank people by ordering unwanted pizzas to their door? Today’s equivalent is a lot more dangerous: “Swatting” — fake 911 calls that send SWAT teams on false alarms to the homes of celebrities.

Swatting Prank is No Joke for Celebrities

On October 10, an LAPD swat team was called out to mansion in Calabasas to subdue a gunman who allegedly fired a gun several times, threatening the residents’ lives. The police swarmed the home to find nothing. The home’s owner, Justin Bieber, was out on tour. The incident was a hoax now commonly known as “swatting”.

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