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Emerging trend: police surveillance tampering

Many who are concerned with the possibility of police abuse of power, are comforted by the continuous presence of surveillance camera footage, capturing everything. Recent evidence of LAPD officers and others tampering with video and surveillance equipment, however, would seem to indicate that for some, the omnipresence of the camera is a problem.

The new technology police could use to spy on … everyone

It’s called Stingray, and though not all police forces have copped to using it, those that have, insist that it helps their investigations. The ACLU say the device raises serious privacy concerns. A look at Stingray, how it works and who uses it, and who denies using it.

Slideshow: Trapped by technology

In today’s high-tech world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get away with crime.

Video: Simon Gittany before and after his girlfriend fell to her death

Surveillance video of the moments surrounding the alleged murder of Lisa Harnum by her partner Simon Gittany. Here we see the before and the after. His trial focuses on the 69 seconds not shown in this video.

Drunk Off-Duty Cop in Body Armor Brandishes Gun at Gas Station Clerk

It was a tense situation at the Giant gas station in Tucson, Arizona, where at 3 a.m. June 30, 2013, two drunk men shambled into the gas-station’s convenience store shirtless, each wearing a ballistic vest, one with a pistol. The good news, and the bad news too it would seem, is that police were already on the scene.

Video: Father Jumps From Moving Car To Save Daughter

A devoted fatherin Wenzhou, China, jumped out of the the car very he was driving to save his daughter, 4, who had fallen out and lay in the middle of a busy intersection.

VIDEO: Philly Police Reach out to Public for Help in Assault Case

Philadelphia Police are seeking to identify two individuals recorded by surveillance camera in connection with an aggravated assault with a handgun that occurred on April 22, 2013, around 6:45 p.m. near the corner of the 3300 block of North 16th street.

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