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Today in Crime History: The Body of Christine Stewart is Found in a Suitcase

Finding a bag left behind is not unusual for employees at the Best Western Plus motel in Poway, California, but the abandoned rolling bag they found on August 8, 2012, would prove an extraordinarily grusome exception: it contained a woman’s fresh corpse.

Woman Tricked Into Meeting Ex-Lover, Ends Up Dead in a Suitcase

The personal profile of the man Muriel Toniol met a on a dating website was both seductive and intriguing. Coulibaly, however, as he called himself on the site, was actually Muriel’s former lover, Didier Ouattara who had been stalking her. Muriel did not find out who Coulibaly really was until it was too late.

Key Unlocks More Mysteries About Corpse in Suitcase

Two Parisian women have been arrested and charged with the murder of a man whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase that was floating in the sea off of the coast of Lorient, France.

Key Unlocks Secret of Corpse Found in Suitcase

The alert in July 2011 by VHF radio couldn’t have been stranger: the skipper of a sailing yacht said he found a suitcase with human body parts hanging out of it, floating in the sea off of the coast of Lorient, France. Half-submerged, half-open, there was no doubt in the skipper’s mind that the suitcase contained a dead body.

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