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Spurned Lover Attacked Woman in University Class with Axe, Killed Self

A case of unrequited love in India ended in a bloody campus assault and suicide when a male student entered a classroom armed with an axe, a knife, poison and a pistol, singled out the female student, who he felt had snubbed him, attacked her with the axe and then slit his own throat.

Website Tracks Suicides at Tampa Bay’s Skyway Bridge

If anyone’s feeling like going down a long, sad internet rabbit hole this aternoon, we’ve got just the thing for you. Since 1998, a website has tracked the number of suicides and attempted suicides that have taken place at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a 431-foot tall span that connects St. Petersburg and Terra Ceia.

LISTEN: The Jonestown Death Tape

On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of the People’s Temple Agricultural Project committed suicide by ingesting Kool-Aid poisoned with cyanide. Before the mass suicide, cult leader Jim Jones addressed his followers. This recording, known as FBI File No. Q042, captures Jones’s speech and the final moments of hundreds of people who took their own lives and the lives of their children at the Jonestown settlement in Guyana.

Autopsy Results: Serial Shooter Dale Hausner ‘Happy Pill’ OD

The autopsy results are in and the death of Serial Shooter Dale Hausner, 40, has been ruled a suicide: death by “amitriptyline intoxication,” aka death by "happy pill."

Megan Meier: Mistaken Myspace Suicide

Megan Meier, a blossoming 13-year old from a Missouri suburb, committed suicide after a jealous neighbor’s mother allegedly masqueraded as a courting teenage boy and feuded with her on MySpace.

Website Catalogs Celebrity Death Locations on Google Street View

For those who like maps and morbid stuff (and who doesn’t?) a website titled simply Famous Death Locations is the place to be. It offers visitors a Google Street View trip to the addresses where 34 famous people took their last breaths.

LISTEN: 911 Dispatcher Talks Man Out of Committing Suicide After Shooting Son, Daughter

On March 24, Puyallup, Wa., 911 dispatcher Pamela Mandery received a call from 69-year-old Michael League. “I just committed a father’s worst sin,” League said, before telling Mandery, 43, that he’d just shot his son and daughter. “And now I’m going to shoot myself,” said League.

A Mother’s Failed Suicide and the Drowning Deaths of her Children

In 1985, Japanese immigrant Fumiko Kimura tried to commit oyako-shinju, or parent-child suicide, after learning of her husband’s infidelity. Pulled out of the water by passers-by, Kimura survived. Her two young children did not.

Hollywood’s Superman

On May 27, 1995, actor Christopher Reeve, who’s career was launched by his film portrayal of Superman, was paralyzed from the neck down in a horseback riding accident. In light of the mysterious death of George Reeves, TV’s first Superman, fans began to question whether or not the role was cursed.

Man Posts Desperate Facebook Status Before Killing Wife, Self

Stephanie Byrd had left her husband Bruce Byrd. She had an order of protection against him, which she’d been granted in April. Last Friday, Stephanie went to Bruce’s mother’s house when she thought no one would be there to pick up her things. When she arrived, Bruce unleashed a barrage of bullets. Police say 30 to 33 shots were fired.

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