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LISTEN: The Jonestown massacre death tape

On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of the People’s Temple Agricultural Project committed suicide by ingesting Kool-Aid poisoned with cyanide. Before the mass suicide, cult leader Jim Jones addressed his followers. This recording, known as FBI File No. Q042, captures Jones’s speech and the final moments of hundreds of people who took their own lives and the lives of their children at the Jonestown settlement in Guyana.

Megan Meier’s Myspace suicide was a mistake

Megan Meier, a blossoming 13-year old from a Missouri suburb, committed suicide after a jealous neighbor’s mother allegedly masqueraded as a courting teenage boy and feuded with her on MySpace.

Fireworks fueled fire in Florida Mansion killing a family

Local authorities are calling a fire that killed a family in a Tampa mansion “suspicious” after fireworks were found strewn throughout the debris and — incredibly — attached to two of the victims.

Sharon Lopatka’s internet-assisted suicide

Sharon Lopatka wanted to be strangled to death, so she met a man online who was willing to do it. Sharon told her husband she was going to visit friends, and left her Maryland home for North Carolina where her new friend Bobby Glass would end her life. On October 25,1996, police found Sharon’s body near Bobby’s home. The ligature marks on her neck suggested her violent death was what she’d asked for.

Five people who played Russian roulette and lost

A look at five cases involving Russian roulette, the deadly game of chance in which a player spins the partially loaded barrel of a revolver, then places the gun to his head and fires.

Confessions of an Internet suicide chat room ghoul

Former nurse William Francis Melchert-Dinkel had a habit of visit chat rooms for depressed people. When a person began to talk of suicide, Melchert-Dinkel would encourage them to do it while he watched via webcam.

Seattle police release two unseen photos of Kurt Cobain suicide scene

Police in Seattle discovered four rolls of undeveloped film in the Kurt Cobain file that they recently printed. What did they find? They say the photos show the scene of the suicide, Cobain’s body, and his heroin kit more clearly than previous Polaroid photos. They released two photos showing the cigar box holding heroin paraphernalia. [...]

Body of suicide victim hung for eight years in his apartment

The body of a suicidal OCD sufferer was found hanging in his pristine apartment eight years later, and in perfect condition too.

Slideshow: Megan Meier Internet suicide

A look in photos at the tangled web of Internet deception that culminated in the suicide of young Megan Meier.

Alabama Teen Prankster Commits Suicide After Threatened with Sex Offender Registry

A fifteen-year-old probably didn’t expect his life to be ruined for streaking a football game. But when a principal threatened legal consequences and registration as a sex offender, he couldn’t handle it and took his own life.

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