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Irate Russian teacher kills friend for views on literature

In case anyone was wondering, Russians are still very serious about their literature. A recent case in point is that of a teacher, who was debating poetry vs. prose with a friend, and became so outraged at that friend’s dismissal of poetry that he pulled out a knife and stabbed him to death.

Killed Over What?! More Lame Motives for Murder

Sex. Religion. Money. These are the sorts of topics that lead folks to murder. What about eggs and laundry? Just read on.

Killed Over What?! More of the Lamest Motives for Murder

In this day and age, being killed over a Facebook status doesn’t seem too far fetched. But for peeing off a balcony? A look at some of the lamest motives for murder.

Police: Woman Killed Fiance Over Cigarette

On Saturday morning, police in Jacksonville, Fla., responded to an apartment at 5800 Jammes Road, where they say Yolanda Lenette Stills, 43, had stabbed her fiance to death over a cigarette.