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UConn wins big, parties hard — again

As dozens of UConn students are arrested for breach of peace, interfering with police, vandalism, and inciting a riot following the Huskies 60-54 win over Kentucky for the NCAA championship, we take a look back at the mayhem surrounding the Huskies 2004 win over Georgia Tech.

Spring break, when the party’s over

Though spring break is fun for many, a drug-and-alcohol-fueled party can also go way out of bounds.

Teen Faces Felony Charges for Hacking his High School

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Earlier this year, Marshall Williams did something that some high school kid has done in one form or another in every generation: He broke into the school’s private records — except he did it with a computer.

Summer Fun: Top Three Post-Exam Student Arrests

For those of us who weren’t entirely sure, it’s true: Summer is finally here. How do we know? Because students all over the world, who would otherwise have been safely locked away from the rest of us engaged in their studies, are out blowing off steam, causing mayhem and getting arrested for it.

List of Ways to Get Away With Rape is Not Protected Speech, Say Prosecutors

Two male students at Miami University in Ohio may be facing charges for hanging up a flier titled “Top Ten Ways to Get Away With Rape” in their residence hall. A sanctioned “Top Ten Ways to Prevent Rape” disappeared from McBride Hall and was later replaced with the new flyer, which gives detailed instructions on how to successfully rape a woman.

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