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LAPD: Do you know any of these women?

On July 7, 2010, LAPD arrested Lonnie David Franklin Jr. for a series of unsolved murders previously attributed to the Grim Sleeper serial killer. He was charged with ten of the murders. A search of Franklin’s home turned up 180 photos of women. Many of these possible victims have been identified; the following photos have not.

Lonnie Franklin Jr. and the Case of the Grim Sleeper

The death toll of South Central Los Angeles’ 1980s crack epidemic masked the work of more than one serial killer. The one called Grim Sleeper for pausing his brutal activities for 14 years is now believed to be in custody. Suspect Lonnie Franklin has pleaded not guilty to ten murders as police search for more victims.

LA Police Arrest Suspected 1980s Serial Killer

He has no snappy moniker, nor has the press been exhaustively covering his every killing, but detectives in LA believe that they have given a name to yet another of the unknown serial killers whose activities were masked by the carnage of the 1980s.

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