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Self-Defense — or not?

Ten notable cases that focus on the often-blurry line between murder and self-defense.

Another shooting has Floridians asking if Stand Your Ground makes any sense

A young hoodie-wearing man was shot and killed by a gun-wielding vigilante — who thought he might be catching a robber — in Florida last week. The shooter claims he acted in self-defense even though he shot the man in the back.

Florida Man ‘Stands His Ground’ Against Loud Music

Michael Dunn, 45, of Brevard County Florida, allegedly shot up an SUV that was blaring loud music at a gas station, killing a teen.

Florida Man Shoots, Kills Door-to-Door Salesman

A Cape Coral, Fla., man is under arrest for killing an unarmed door-to-door salesman who was on his property to sell steak and lobster tails. He later told police, “I was in fear.”

Tow Truck Driver’s Secret Past Leads to 35 Year Prison Sentence

Tow-truck driver Donald Montanez, who was convicted of 3rd degree murder for the shooting of Glen “Chuck” Rich in March, had a sentencing hearing on Friday. The case was complicated by the fact that authorities have uncovered a web of lies showing that Donald Montanez does not legally exist.

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