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Craziest star stalkers

When fame makes beloved celebrities vulnerable to dangerous stalkers…

Today in Crime History: Barry George Convicted in Murder of Jill Dando

On July 2, 2001, the jury returned after five days of deliberation, and convicted Barry Michael George for the murder of the BBC’s Sunshine Girl, Jill Dando. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Burglar Arrested for Leaving Love Notes, Photos with Underwear on his Head

Florida man David John Sirko, 51, is under arrest after violating a protection order and repeatedly breaking into the apartment of a woman he has been stalking. Despite the restraining order, which was filed in mid-June, Sirko has allegedly entered the woman’s home on several occasions, professing his undying devotion in disturbing ways.

Man Who Killed Own Family, Mailed Dead Pig, in Trouble Again

Jovan Anton Collier, originally of Wisconsin, got into trouble with the law just five months after his release from a Florida prison, when his occupancy was found to be in violation of his ex’s Galveston, Texas, lease agreement, but let’s go back to the beginning of the story — when Collier killed his family in a triple murder case. .

Father Says Police Have Suspects in Hannah Truelove Murder

After a month of no new information in the case, the grieving father of murdered Georgia teen Hannah Truelove has told WSBTV that authorities have suspects in his daughter’s slaying. “They say they just want to make sure they don’t do anything wrong, dot their ‘I’s,’ cross their ‘T’s,’ but they do have suspects,” said Jeff Truelove. As the shock of her murder dies down in the community, Truelove is fighting to make sure solving his daughter’s death remains a top priority for police.

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