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Couple Files Lawsuit in Alleged Childbirth Decapitation Horror

St. Louis woman Arteisha Betts went into labor 28 weeks into her high-risk pregnancy. According to a lawsuit filed by Betts and her husband, a doctor refused to perform a cesarean section. What resulted, the complaint states, was a traumatizing and horrific delivery that resulted in the decapitation death of the unborn infant.

Volleyball Star Killed Hours Before Match

Megan Boken, a 23-year-old alumnus of St. Louis University was all set to participate in a school tradition — a volleyball match at the start of the season where graduates play against current student athletes. The former star player and business administration major didn’t make it to the game; St. Louis police say Boken was fatally shot in the neck and chest while sitting in her car on Saturday afternoon.

Woman Allegedly Shoots Herself in Police Cruiser

According to her family, Stephanie Hicks was walking across the Alton Bridge on July 4, to seek help for her problems at the BJC Christian Hospital when she got a courtesy ride from police.

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