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Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition

As chief inquisitor of the infamous Spanish Inquisition, Torquemada was responsible for the torture and execution of thousands.

Spanish village named ‘Jew killing’ considers official name change

The small, but proud village of Castrillo Matajudios, loosely translated as Little Fortress of Jew Killing, is considering a name change. Probably a good idea.

Half-naked woman falls into well during outdoor sex-capade

A couple in Spain, who decided to make sweet love in a park known for its teen drinking parties and covert liaisons, was rudely interrupted when the cover of the well shaft on which they were consummating their mutual admiration failed, causing the woman to plunge into the icy water below.

Robber tips off police to pedophile

Two seemingly unrelated events intersected in the city of Jaén, Spain, when a robber gave police the sex tapes of a man who had reported a robbery nine days earlier. The content, showing the man engaged in sex act with children, was disturbing enough that the robber felt morally obliged to turn the man in.

Spanish man nearly loses penis in prostitute attack

After a fun night out drinking with friends in Malaga, Spain, a man reportedly decided to cap off a great night with a visit to a brothel. There he engaged the services of three prostitutes for group sex. When it was over, the women asked for their €70 ($95) each, but the John refused to pay them — big mistake.

Town with Dog Poop Problem Sends Poop Back to Owners Via Special Delivery

To send a strong message to all of the pooper-scooper scofflaws in Brunete, Spain, and there seem to have been a lot, the town’s government kicked off a sting operation in February 2013 that not only solved the problem, but got rid of the offending poop.

Can This Ad Help Abused Kids Find Relief?

It’s a pretty brilliant idea: an ad that from an adult’s perspective shows the face of a normal looking boy, but when seen from the point of view of a child, it hides a secret message.

High-Tech and Low-Tech Attempts to Hide Drugs, Both Thwarted

Panamanian drug dealers have figured out a way to make money on breast implants, and a Delaware man hid gobs of heroin in his mouth.

Man Returns from Prison to Find Dead Wife’s Mummified Remains

Prison inmate Eduardo R. complained that he hadn’t heard from his wife in over a year, her friends were concerned, and her neighbors complained to police of a stench emanating from the home, but all requests for a well-being check were denied because she was believed to have poor personal hygiene.

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