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After 4chan Manhunt, Cat-Kicker Slapped With Animal Cruelty Charges

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Walter Easley, the South Carolina teenager who recorded video of himself kicking a cat, has been charged with cruelty to animals thanks to4chan.

Man Accused of Rubbing Buttered Toast on Woman’s Car

According to Murphy’s Law, toast will always land butter side down. But if the toast is found butter side down on the windshield of someone else’s SUV? Well, that’s where actual law comes in.

Trouble at Home? $25 Will Get Your Kid Hauled Off to Jail for the Night

Is your child constantly causing trouble? Are you worried that they’ll end up in jail? If you live in South Carolina’s Chester or Richland Counties, you can send your kids to jail before they wind up there themselves.

Woman Used 911, Ambulance as Taxi Service for Seven Years

On this week’s edition of Good Idea, Bad Idea, we present Audrey Ferguson, who has for the last seven years gotten a ride to downtown Charleston — good idea. Unfortunately she decided to use the local EMS team to do it, by calling 911, feigning illness and immediately signing out once at the hospital — bad idea.

Today in Crime History: Ken Register Confesses to Killing Crystal Todd

When the brutalized body of seventeen-year-old Crystal Todd was found dumped in a rural area outside her home town, detectives quickly figured out it was a sex crime — one committed by someone the carefree teen knew and trusted. On February 18, 1992, after hours of intense interrogation, her friend Ken Register confessed to raping and killing Todd.

Man Who ‘Loved Dogs’ Charged With 43 Counts of Animal Abuse

The friends and family of a South Carolina man accused of felony animal cruelty are speaking out in his defense, saying that accusations against him sound worse than the truth. Loney Garrett, a 64-year-old Vietnam Vet, is charged with 43 felony counts of ill treatment of animals after authorities allegedly found 45 living dogs and over 200 dead dogs on his Berkeley County property.

Did You Know? Tattooing Your Kids is Illegal

A South Carolina dad is in hot water after allegedly tattooing his 14-year-old daughter. He’s not the only one who’s had the urge to ink his kin.

Mugshot of the Day: Down to Boink

This young buck was arrested in Horry County South Carolina, presumably in search of babes.

Woman Confesses to Stabbing Husband ‘Because he is Satan’s Spawn’

Police in Horry County, South Carolina, responded to a call about a domestic disturbance to find the victim’s son at home, who told them that his mother had stabbed his father. Turns out that she was saving the world from "Satan’s spawn." Go figure.

Gabbiee Swainson, Still Missing, Still Doesn’t Qualify for an Amber Alert

Gabrielle Swainson, 16, has been missing since August 18, when her mother came home from an overnight shift to find that her daughter, who had been in her pajamas and asleep, was gone. With no sign of the girl, no forced entry, and no leads, police were unable to issue and Amber Alert for the missing teen. Even now police are still piecing together what happened, and Gabbiee is still missing.

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