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Today in Crime History: The trial of Susan Smith begins

July 10, 1995, marked the beginning of the murder trial of Susan Smith, a young divorcée accused securing her two young boys in her vehicle, and pushing it into a lake in a vain attempt to seem child-free and more desirable to a man who had rejected her. The case gained national attention because Smith told police that her sons were kidnapped when her car was carjacked by a “black man.”

Will social media help solve an 11-year-cold triple murder?

One victim’s son thinks so. Bank teller Sylvia Holtzclaw’s son David posted a video on Youtube about the case in hopes that reaching out through social media will lead to some new information that will solve the murders.

Video: Vigilante couple who killed sex offender reveal they aren’t sorry

No one was really surprised that they weren’t sorry, but it makes one wonder how many other murders’ phony expressions of remorse got them leniency with a judge.

Man beats girlfriend with anger management class book

No she wasn’t seriously hurt, and no, we didn’t make this up. You can’t make this stuff up.

Bar owner catching flack for obnoxious sign

The owner of the Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, South Carolina, whose clientele is consists mainly of students from the university, ordered signs prohibiting those entering from carrying concealed weapons into his bar. No one questions his right to do so, but many question the choice of words used in the temporary, homemade sign he put on the door.

Man tries to pay tab with trillion-dollar bill

A South Carolina man surprised the folks at Applebee’s when he tried to settle his Valentine’s Day bill with a $1 trillion note after his debit card was declined. There is no word on what his date thought of the whole thing.

Woman arrested for delinquent video rental

A South Carolina woman, who went to her local police station to report a crime, found herself under arrest on an outstanding warrant for failure to return the video of the film Monster in Law nine years ago.

Man stabs brother over which silverware to use

You know it’s the holidays when people start to take their table settings seriously, and in the case of Edward William Bright, 47, of Richland County South Carolina — way too seriously, even for the holidays.

Mugshot of the Day: Arrested for murder

Meet David Adam Pate, 24, of Lancaster, S.C., charged with the murder of Rickey W. James, 33, after the two allegedly went into the woods together, and only Pate returned. Weeks later, children found James’ badly decomposed remains. Pate was already in jail for disorderly conduct, and is now charged with murder — and yes, that’s “Satan” tattooed over his right eye, and yes, it gets better.

Chilling murder-suicide 911 call released; Killer left moody Facebook trail

27-year-old Bryan Sweatt made the frantic, desparate 911 call Tuesday telling the operator he was “stressed out” and threatening to kill himself. The operator asks Sweatt if he had a weapon and Sweatt responds, “a 44.” Then you can hear a woman in the background say “Do not point that at me.” Then the line goes dead. Sweatt [...]

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